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Veggie Omelette

I LOVE eggs. LOVE them. Versatile, nutritious, delicious. Seriously, that should be their tag line.

They’re also speedy. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Eggs are under fire sometimes for a few reasons, ethical reasons aside (I’m not that kind of blogger), because of they contain saturated fat and cholesterol. Consulting the USDA Nutrient Database (the Canadian Nutrient Files are being weird…), one egg only contains about 2g of saturated fat. You need fat in your diet. Say it with me everyone, fat is NOT bad! A LOT of fat is bad. There is a difference.

As for the cholesterol… one egg contains about 217 mg of cholesterol. Cholesterol isn’t something great for your body and you should limit it. However, it really doesn’t have the effect people think it does on blood cholesterol levels… Saturated and trans fats have a way greater impact on those! I had a prof who ran marathons and ate 4 eggs a day. (According to her) Her doctor said she had fantastic blood cholesterol levels. And just so you know, high levels of “bad” blood cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) can block arteries, causing heart attacks and all that unpleasant stuff!

Anyway enough nutrition mumbo gumbo, here’s what I had for lunch!

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